7 Benefits of Precast Concrete

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7 Benefits of Precast Concrete

7 Benefits of Precast Concrete


At N.L Engineered Precast Productions Inc. we provide quality service and products throughout Western Canada. Whether you are a contractor, developer, residential owner or commercial owner, we strive to make each project personalized. Providing the excellent service, advice and the highest quality materials is important to the team at NLEPP. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 benefits of precast concrete.

  • Easy Installation
  • Affordable  
  • Long-lasting & Durable
  • Top Quality
  • Fireproof & Heatproof
  • Aesthetics
  • Healthy & Ecologically Sustainable

1. Easy Installation in Western Canada

Unlike cast-in-place construction, precast concrete is ready for installation on arrival. Opposed to materials such as fiberglass, precast concrete does not require the use of special rigging to avoid structural damage or raw materials, such as steel and concrete. This reduces the time required for installation and ensures a fast and simple installation process.

2. Affordable Precast Product

The easy installation also means the time it takes skill laborers to install it is reduced. Since the amount of labor required to precast concrete is also far less than curing concrete on site, this means the material and the installation of precast concrete is cost efficient.

3. Top Quality Engineered Precast

Precast concrete products are produced in a controlled environment, which means high quality and uniformity. Variables, including temperature, humidity, craftsmanship and other environmental conditions are controlled in the manufacturing process to ensure the product you receive is top quality.

4. Long-lasting & Durable Engineered Precast

Precast concrete is a high-quality and durable product. Unlike other materials that will deteriorate over time, precast concrete will withstand harsh elements and remain resilient from years of wear and tear.

Studies show precast concrete can last more than 100 years. Precast concrete can be designed to resist corrosion in more severe conditions, which will increase its durability and life.

5. Fireproof & Heatproof for your commercial or residential property 

One of the greatest benefits of precast concrete advantages is that it’s fireproof and will prevent fire from the spreading room to room. Not only is it fireproof, it’s also heat proof. In the event of a fire, the precast concrete will not get so hot as to drip molten particles and light other materials on fire. This makes it an excellent material for any home or building..

6. Aesthetically Attractive Architectural Feature

Typically people imagine concrete as the typical boring grey slabs we see around cities and job sites. However, precast concrete can be molded into an array of sizes, configurations, virtually any colour and a variety of finishes including acid-etched, sandblasted, smooth-as-cast, exposed-aggregate.

With precast concrete, can achieve the aesthetic appearance you desire without compromising the functionality and durability of your design.

7. Healthy & Ecologically Sustainable 

Precast concrete is made from stones, gravel, sand and cement. All of which are natural raw materials, locally available in large quantities and are often comprised of re-used or recycled concretes. In fact, essentially 100% of a concrete building can be recycled, despite heavy reinforcements. Precast concrete reduces the negative impacts on the environment when compared with other construction materials.

Since precast concrete is manufactured from natural materials, it doesn’t require chemical treatment to protect against rot and insect attack. This ensures that there will be no emissions emitted in the environment or air.

Our NLEPP team in Armstrong, BC manufactures the precast concrete products that help Western Canada develop and grow.

Contact NLEPP and speak with a lead engineer for your next project.

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