How to Choose an Engineered Solution for Your Next Construction Project

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How to Choose an Engineered Solution for Your Next Construction Project

How to Choose an Engineered Solution for Your Next Construction Project


Orchestrating a massive project such as a bridge overpass or a concrete inspired building requires intelligent planning and designing throughout every stage of the undertaking. If you are the one financing the project, you want to ensure that your dollars are being spent wisely, partnering with a company that creates an awe-inspiring structure that stands strong for many years to come.

This is where many companies hit a roadblock. Which engineering firm should you choose? What are the different attributes you should analyze before making your decision?

When it comes to the precast concrete building industry, you should scrutinize a company by these 4 considerations:

  1. Specialization
  2. Services Offered
  3. Past Projects
  4. Team



When it comes to engineering and design services, not all business offerings are created equal. When you have a project or need in mind, you need to choose a firm that specializes in that area of interest. There are many engineering groups or teams that can tackle a wide range of projects, however, deciding to select a firm that doesn’t concentrate in a single area could result in a subpar final product.

Let’s take the example of a project involving a large bridge with retaining walls, effectively creating a highway overpass. Perhaps someone in your network recommends an engineering team and after a quick browse on their website, you see they do the majority of their work with wood buildings- churches, schools etc. Could this business accomplish the project at hand? Potentially. Are they going to do the best possible job? Not likely.


Services Offered

The next aspect to consider when partnering with an engineering firm is the full scope of their services. Will this company be able to help with your project start to finish, or will they have to handoff their work to another half way through?

The NLEPP Team prides itself on our ability to see projects through from the idea phase to the final physical form. Our architectural mindset helps turn simple ideas and dreams into a concrete plan and structure. Do your homework first and ensure the company you are working with will be able to take your plans to fruition.


Past Projects

Any company can put together complex marketing materials and sales pitches, claiming that they are specialists in a certain area, with a long list of services available to potential clients like yourself. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

It is crucial that you ask to see examples of past work when hiring an engineering or architectural firm. If you need a custom concrete business sign created for a complex that you own, ask for specific examples of work identical or very similar to your current need. When someone approaches our team with a potential project, we instantly direct the client towards examples of our past projects. This immediately creates clear expectations and goals which results in all parties being content when the project is completed.  



Fancy website…logos…multiple services offered. In the construction market of today, it can be very easy to create a false facade, which makes a company seem more capable than they actually are. Before you commit to an engineering team, do a little research on the leaders that are running the business. What is their reputation in the industry? What designations or degrees do they hold?

At NLEPP we have an amazing team, consistent processes, vast examples of past projects and a fully integrated facility for manufacturing precast products. When you dive in a little deeper into our history and team you will discover that the leaders of our organization are the Lockwood brothers. Richard and James have been manufacturing precast concrete products for complex projects since 2001, drawing from a P.Eng designation and a business degree. Our customers know that the technical details and the financials of every project NLEPP commits to are under control through the strengths of our leadership.


We hope that you now have a much better understanding of the steps that should be taken before choosing an engineer for your construction project. We urge our potential clients to do as much research as possible before making a decision.

If you require a preformed concrete solution, we would love to be the team that turns your plans into an impressive reality!


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