Precast Concrete is the Ideal Fire & Flood Resistant Building Material

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Precast Concrete is the Ideal Fire & Flood Resistant Building Material

Precast Concrete is the Ideal Fire & Flood Resistant Building Material

Spring has arrived, which brings warmer and sunnier days, as well as melting snow and the threat of wildfires. Communities who have been ravaged by wildfires are particularly susceptible to flooding because our groundwater relies on trees and established root systems to soak up the excess. Homes and businesses who have never witnessed flooding before are at a greater risk and with the changing climate, wildfires are becoming more common every year.

Protect your commercial or residential property from floods and fires with precast concrete. At N.L. Engineered Precast Concrete Inc. in Armstrong, we specialize in all things concrete to complete your custom project, distinguishing features, bridge components and more. Precast concrete is the ideal building material in our changing climate.

Fire Resistant Buildings

One of the greatest benefits of precast concrete advantages is that its fire resistant. In the event of a fire, precast concrete prevents a fire from the spreading because it does not burn. 

Unlike a majority of other building materials, a precast concrete building will maintain its structural integrity rather than collapse or melt. Therefore, precast concrete buildings that have endured a fire are commonly reused when a building is being rebuilt. This protects buildings, wildlife and humans from major damage, especially in the event of larger scale fires, such as wildfire.

It’s no surprise that we’re beginning to see a trend of precast concrete buildings. Since precast concrete is incredibly versatile, it’s an ideal material for developers, architects and designers to build aesthetically appealing features and structures without compromising functionality or durability.

Water-Proofed Properties

Precast concrete is an exceptional material for preventing major damage caused by water or flooding. Unlike a majority of materials, precast concrete is not damaged or degraded by water. In areas that experience major flooding, concrete buildings can often be salvaged when a majority of other buildings cannot.

In areas that are experiencing more flooding due to climate change, precast concrete offers builders an option that can withstand the threat of extensive flooding. Architects and engineers are continuously working to improve structures that will keep water out, rather than collapse or float away in catastrophic events. They continuously work to ensure structures that use precast concrete benefit from water-proofing.

Sturdy Structures

Studies show precast concrete can last more than a century. Not only is precast concrete an excellent material to protect your property from a flood or fire, it can be designed to resist corrosion in more severe conditions, which will increase its durability and life. Unlike other materials that will deteriorate over time or collapse in the event of a major disaster, precast concrete can endure major fires or flooding and will remain resilient for years to come.

Precast concrete products are an ideal material if you’re seeking an end product that can stand the test of time, with low maintenance.

Contact N.L Engineered Precast Products Inc. at 250-546-6941 to discuss your next precast concrete project.

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