The Many Uses of Precast Concrete

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The Many Uses of Precast Concrete

The Many Uses of Precast Concrete


Here at NLEPP, you could say we are a little obsessed with precast concrete products. We are constantly looking for new uses for our products and are always pushing our own boundaries with architecturally challenging designs. Perhaps we are getting ahead of ourselves. If you have recently come across the NLEPP brand or the precast industry as a whole, you may be wondering what it is all about. A great place to start is with the essence of our business- precast concrete.


What is Precast Concrete?


Precast concrete is essentially a construction product that we create by placing concrete into various molds, where it is then left to cure or dry in a controlled environment. These molds could be in the shape of almost anything, although since we mainly deal in the construction industry, many of the products we create are forms that fit together to create walls, bridges and buildings. Once the products we have created have set, they can then be transported to the construction site where they are required and be “tilted” into place.

How is this different than regular concrete? The normal procedure with concrete is to bring it to the site in free form, usually in a constantly moving concrete truck and then pour it into site-specific forms and let it cure there.


Why Use Precast Concrete?


Many builders and architects choose to utilize precast concrete products for many reasons including its durability, consistency, acoustic insulation, tight tolerances and its ability to be fire rated. Many companies also appreciate the speed of construction and the reduction of on-site labour costs they are able to achieve when building with precast products. When a precast product has been molded and set in a controlled environment, it can be installed at the desired location without having to worry about natural elements interfering with the process. A bought of rainy weather can cause massive delays on sites that are using free form concrete. 


What We Offer at NLEPP


At NLEPP we are involved with everything related to precast concrete. We are the manufacturers of the precast products that come together to create buildings, bridges, retaining walls and other architectural feats. All of our concrete products are created at our CPCI (Canadian Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute) certified facility. Our team designs, delivers and installs custom concrete products all across Western Canada.

You dream it, we build it- it’s that simple. 


Possible Projects


Yes, we are manufacturing company but at our core we are architects and engineers. There is no problem that we can’t create a concrete solution for. We pride ourselves on providing start to finish solutions that decrease your onsite work time! For industrial stylized buildings, we supply everything from full height panels, copings and footings. Our bridge products are precast and prestressed- with an NLEPP product you never had to worry about quality or strength! This is especially important when the structure you are creating is being erected in an area that is frequented by civillians.

Aside from the standard projects such as bridges and buildings, we can also create custom projects such as marina docking, city transit lines, insulated concrete, pillars, staircases and signage. There is no architectural feat that we can’t create!


Interested in learning more about our capabilities or want to get started on your next project?

Contact our team today– Let’s continue to develop Canada together!


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